Giclée Fine Art Printing


To achieve precise reproductions of art originals/supplied digital files, we use skilled colour retouching combined with the final output to top-quality papers and inks. The resulting museum-grade fine art prints are produced to a gratifyingly high standard.

Giclée printing features:

_ Profiled for accurate colour reproduction
_ Sharpness, detail, colour vibrancy
_ Wide colour gamut
_ Quality black and white reproduction
_ Archival quality
_ Full frame or with a white, black or coloured border

Second to none: The advantages of Giclée

_ Processing to Giclée provides a perfect solution for artists and photographers who prefer not to mass-produce their work using litho, opting to “print on demand”.

_ Print on demand means that a single artwork can be proofed using a selection of papers and finishes. There is a wide range of matt papers to choose from, incorporating different weights, textures and whiteness.

_ The latest Giclée printers provide improved accuracy, depth of colour and ensure a faithful reproduction of the original. Colours are considerably more vivid and saturated than C-Type or digital offset, due to the brighter pigmentation of the inks used.

_ Giclée printing is classed as archival, outlasting a lithograph or any other colour-processed prints in terms of longevity.

_ Because Giclée prints have this archival quality, they are widely accepted by art buyers, galleries and museums as collectable pieces.

A Brief History of Giclée Printing

Image by Lewis Haddock –

The word Giclée (“gee-clay”), is based on the French verb gicler, which means “to squirt or spray”, and was originally coined by printmaker Jack Duganne in 1991. Giclée printing is a fine art digital-printing method that uses specialist archival pigment inks and acid-free papers, creating gallery-quality inkjet prints with excellent depth of colour, longevity and stability.

The print process involves squirting microscopic dots of pigment ink onto high-quality fine art or photographic papers using sophisticated high-end inkjet printers with exceptional accuracy, wide tonal range and colour gamut.

Studies have shown that Giclée prints’ colour vividness can last in excess of 200 years, with tests having been carried out by independent bodies such as Wilhelm Imaging Research and printer manufacturers such as Epson.

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